iPhone teen owner percentage rises to 87

Piper Sandler, an investment firm, has released the results of a survey involving iPhone ownership among teens.

The company’s biannual teen survey reveals that Apple devices continue to be immensely popular with US teenagers. In the survey, around 87 percent of American teenagers own an iPhone, and 88 percent of them expect their next smartphone model to be an iPhone.


iPhone ownership in teens has risen significantly over a 10-year spread. In 2012, only 40 percent of American teens owned an iPhone. The survey suggests that Apple is on the right track when it comes to product cycle refreshes, and its services will continue to be in demand with the demographic.

As for the Apple Watch, ownership is less impressive. Only 31 percent of American teens own an Apple Watch. However, it is the most popular smartwatch model among teens. 36.8 percent of the demographic admits to having one, which means only 5.8 percent do not own a non-Apple smartwatch.