iPhone is the most popular smartphone among teens in the USA tells a survey

The investment firm Piper Sandler conducted a semiannual teen survey in the USA. According to the survey, the iPhone is by far the most popular choice of phones among the teens of the USA. This title has been held by the teens for so many years now. 

It is the latest survey that shows that 85% of teens on an iPhone in the USA. Also, 88% are looking for their next phone to be the iPhone. These are the all-time high numbers. The firm which conducted the survey says that the participants of the survey were mostly tens from rich families. In 2019, these numbers were less. Last year only 83% owned an iPhone. 86% of teens last year wanted antiphon to be their next phone. 

This year only 8% of the teens said that they wanted to get an Android phone. Teens in the USA have been interested in the iPhone since 2015. The interest of the teens for an iPhone gradually grows every year. More teens will be interested in the new 5G phones which iPhone will release later this year. 

The teenagers are an important asset for Apple. The teens are more loyal to the product than the older people. Also, in another survey, the results show that 52% of teens own AirPods and 8% plan on purchasing new AirPods.

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