iPhone-Turned iBook G3 appears on social media

A short video of a miniature iBook G3 case has appeared on social media platform TikTok.

@skipperfilms has recently shared his work where he turned an iPhone into a mini G3 iBook, complete with a physical keyboard and a custom 3D-printed case.

iPhone-Turned iBook G3

The video reveals how the customized case had a clamshell design, complete with a tiny handle. The iPhone can be insured and is held in place with a MagSafe magnet. At the bottom is a Bluetooth keyboard held by metal hinges.

The social media personality’s claim to fame is custom iPad cases that are designed to look like an iBook G3. However, in this post, the TikToker had something smaller and showed up with a mini iBook G3 iPhone case.

Overall, the construction is more simple compared to what he usually makes but it’s still an interesting piece nonetheless.

It’s not clear whether the custom iBook G3 case will be sold along with his other creations.