iPhone usage greater than Android in the US

A new research claims that more than 50 percent of smartphone users in the United States have iOS.

Counterpoint Research claims that the number of iPhone users are growing, and recently cemented this by publishing a new report that says active iPhone users account for more than half compared to Android models in the US.


Analysts also say that this is the highest ever share between the iPhone and Android since the iPhone launched in 2007. Jeff Fieldhack, Counterpoint research director, says that over the last 4 years the flow was going from Android to iOS.

Counterpoint further claims that the remaining Android users are spread out over dozens of devices from several manufacturers. A similar report made by StockApps holds the same regard, with global marketshare gains for Apple and losses for Android.

With Counterpoint’s history it’s said that the data is not as precise, since Apple does not report per-year iPhone sales.