iPhone XR Hailed ‘Best Selling Smartphone’ Each Quarter in 2019


Counterpoint Research claims that the iPhone XR is the best-selling smartphone for 2019 Q3, which makes it the best selling smartphone this year so far.

iPhone XR Hailed 'Best Selling Smartphone' Each Quarter in 2019

The Apple iPhone XR make up 3% of the global market share in the third quarter of 2019. It’s also a fourth of total Apple sales and considered the best selling model in all regions. Apple has adjusted the price in China and other markets, which kept demand strong. The iPhone 11 tops #5 with 1.6 percent of market share worldwide.

The top 10 Q3 best seller smartphones are the Huawei P30, Xiaomi Redmi A7, Oppo A5, Samsung Galaxy A20, Oppo A5s, iPhone 11, Oppo A9, Samsung Galaxy A50, Samsung Galaxy A10 and the iPhone XR.

The report mentioned that the Redmi A7’s entry was due to India’s contribution (over 50 percent) of the sales in the quarter. Samsung’s A series models were in the list, but not its flagship models.

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