Jamf threat labs reveals fake Airplane mode iPhone attack

A specific attack on the iPhone makes it look like it’s on Airplane Mode when it’s not.

Jamf recently published a ‘fake airplane mode’ threat that has not been demonstrated live. The attack is considered a mobile tampering technique that can go undetected for those who are unaware of such a thing.


The idea behind the intrusion, which has been labeled ‘Fake Airplane Mode’ is to fool the user into thinking that their phone is in such a state, but in reality, it’s still connected to the internet and vulnerable to attacks. It’s an exploit that allows the attacker to have a constant connection to their target device even when the user thinks they’re offline.

The process makes use of CommCenter and SpringBoard, with SpringBoard taking care of the UI elements and CommCenter handling the network aspect. Jamf has yet to find the pop-ups that tell the user of the activities on the phone.