Kuo states 48MP cameras arriving on iPhone 15

The upcoming base model of the iPhone 15 will be equipped with a 48MP camera, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

In the report, Kuo claims that the iPhone 15 standard models will have the upgrade to the new camera. This backs up prior rumors about the upcoming flagship Apple product that will get the 48MP treatment. Furthermore, Kuo claims that the two standard models will have a new CIS stacked design alongside the Contact Image Sensors wide camera.

iPhone 15

Production of the camera falls on Sony’s shoulders, and it’s believed that the company is having trouble with the volume. Kuo mentioned that Sony increased CIS production to compensate for the low yield rate, which in turn decreased the supply for Android products. Apple might experience production delays as well.

Kuo claims that Sony’s R&D resources are ‘stretched’ as a result, and might lead to a significant impact on companies that manufacture Android devices.