Lady Gaga’s new Music Video teaser shot on iPhone

‘Stupid Love’, Lady Gaga’s new single will be available tomorrow. The pop star has revealed a new teaser of the music video and stated that it was shot using only an iPhone.

The single is Lady Gaga’s first since 2017 and marks her return since the last album, titled ‘Joanne’ was released in 2016. The teaser video is about a minute long and is set in the distant future where Lady Gaga, all dressed in pink, stops a fight between two men by making them levitate and have them come crashing down on the ground. She then made hand signs, with the caption saying ‘All I ever wanted was love..’ before the video tantalizingly closes out.

Lady Gaga took to Twitter and used the hashtag #ShotOniPhone for the clip. It’s likely that it was shot using the Apple iPhone 11 the same way Selena Gomez’s was with her Rare album release videos.

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