Latest iPhone ads focus on Undo Send and Action Mode

Apple recently uploaded several iPhone ads to highlight an unsent option in iMessage and the iPhone 14 Action Mode.

The first video, titled ‘R.I.P. Leon’ has a man thinking that the lizard next to him is dead. He sends a text to his friend to notify the person, but then the lizard moves and appears to be okay. The man then uses the unsent message before his friend could see it.


The second video, titled ‘iPhone 14 Action Mode’ reveals a mother filming her son who’s competing in a race using an iPhone in Action Mode. The mother runs alongside her son, and the video looks steady as if it were on a gimbal. Users should activate the feature in the Camera app’s video mode to gain its benefits.

The unsent message feature is available to all devices that can run iOS 16, while only the iPhone 14 lineup can enable Action Mode.