Apple has released a new ‘shot on iPhone’ video detailing the ongoing chicken rice competition in Singapore.

Shot on iPhone

Titled ‘Poached’, the video tells the story of a battle between long-standing chicken rice business Tian Tian and an upstart where the ex-head chef worked. When the owner’s daughter took over, the head chef Mr. Wong left due to conflict in working practices.

The mini-documentary was filmed using an iPhone 13 Pro by David Gelb, the creator Chef’s Table. In the ad are shots using features and equipment, including a rig and the smartphone’s cinematic mode.

Alongside ‘Poached’ was a making-of video that discusses the techniques used to film the shots. Gelb used professional-grade tripods and sliders and traditional ones such as turntables and mounts to create a unique shot.

‘Poached’ follows ‘Life is But a Dream’, which was released in February and made by internationally-acclaimed director Park Chan-wook, who’s known for filming ‘Oldboy’ and ‘The Handmaiden’.


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