The twitter user @Choco_bit shared an image of apparently what looks like this year’s iPhone 12 Pro. However it shows that the iPhone will have an array of cameras on the backside. These cameras are similar to those that you can find on the back of 2020iPad Pro.

Lidar Scanner and a Tripple Lens Camera

The user has also leaked several details of the upcoming iPhone and many Apple products. This user’s Bio says that he was an Apple Authorized Service Provider. The image seems like it is taken from a user guide and not a real Apple iPhone image. However, it is not sure if it is a user guide or not.

The image clearly shows that the phone will have several cameras on the backside for the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. The image shows that the phone has a Wide-angle camera, an Ultra Wide-angle camera, and a Telephoto lens with additional LiDAR Scanner. 

It is expected that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 this fall. There are also a few reports that the launch could delay because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.


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