LGC auctions feature original sealed iPhone

An original and sealed iPhone with 4GB of storage is up on the LGC auction website.

The original iPhone remains a coveted piece in auctions, and the most recent bidding is expected to be as much as $100,000. As of today, the first bid requirement is for $10,000 and can go up quickly once the bidding wars start. Description for the original iPhone is scarce, save for the title, which tells those interested that the device was originally released in 2007 and has 4GB of storage. Unlike the previous original iPhone bid, this smartphone does not have a ‘Lucky You’ sticker on the box.


The bidding is set to expire in approximately two weeks’ time, but the bidding is paused for the moment. Previous original models sold for around $50,000 in March, and $40,000 in April. It’s not clear as to the reason for the pause or when bidding will resume.