MagSafe Duo helped fish a misplaced iPhone

A YouTuber recently posted a video of how he was able to retrieve his iPhone that fell under the floorboards using a MagSafe Duo.

David Cogan recently recalled his iPhone 14 falling through the wooden plank floor in a bar. He asked for help from the manager, and various patrons tried to get it in his behalf. Cogan tried several tools to try and reach, but ultimately it was a MagSafe Duo that was connected to a fishing line.

MagSafe Duo

Cogan returned to the bar and had a new equipment- a makeshift fishing rod and MagSafe Duo. The line was the accessory’s cable, and was able to get the iPhone out using magnets. David Cogen’s post is available to watch on Twitter and it already reached 1.2k likes and 66 replies.

The MagSafe Duo is a wireless charging accessory that works on the iPhone 14, as well as its predecessors iPhone 13 and iPhone 12.