Microsoft hints of future Xbox game streaming to iPhone feature

Microsoft today has dropped a tasty tidbit that Xbox games can be streamed on iPhones soon.

Currently the feature will arrive first for Android users but the tech giant has deemed it will be possible on the iOS as well.

Xbox Game

There’s already an Xbox app on iOS but it won’t have the streaming feature. Microsoft and Apple will have to iron out the kinks regarding streaming rules and App Store guidelines though, which can take some time.

There are rumors that Microsoft will be doing things ‘differently’ in order to allow streaming games under the general guidelines. In particular, Microsoft may be putting them under the ‘Remote Desktop Clients’ umbrella, which is permitted by Apple.

The Xbox app will likely pass as Sony’s Remote Play feature is already on the iOS platform. It’s safe to say that the mechanism will be the same, e.g., a similar interface and access to its native game shop (Playstation Store).