Misplaced iPhone goes around the world before returning to owner


An iPhone apparently accumulated some miles in a plane before getting back to its owner.


A forum thread in Australian Frequent Flyer outlined how a user name by the handle ‘Rugby’ was looking for a partner’s lost iPhone after a journey. Using the Find My network, the lost iPhone was aboard a Qantas plane, which prompted the user to try and contact the airline company to retrieve the device.

‘Rugby’ was able to view the iPhone’s travel itinerary as it went from Sydney to Auckland, then to Honolulu and Sydney and along the same route. After the third roundabout a Qantas employee called the owner and mentioned that the device was handed to baggage services.

The iPhone was then returned to its rightful owner and achieved an impressive mileage figure as it completed three international flights. The couple and the Qantas’ employee identities remain anonymous within the online forum thread.

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