A one-of-a-kind iPhone X that’s been modified to accept USB-C instead of Lightning has been sold for a whopping $86,000 on eBay.

iPhone X

In October, the USB-C iPhone X was revealed online by Ken Pillonel, an engineering student. A video explainer showed how Pillonel made the modification- other than reverse engineering the C94 connector, he fabricated a custom board, routed and tested connections and finally had to squeeze a USB-C in the original case. Pillonel then said that he will be auctioning the iPhone X on eBay for those who are interested.

The auction of the modified iPhone X was held on eBay, with the final bid coming to $86,001. There were 116 bids, most of them coming in the first 3 days.

Pillonel mentioned in the description that bidders and the eventual owner can do what they want with the modified device, but they shouldn’t expect anything from Pillonel if something breaks. He further claimed that the device was a ‘prototype’ and should be treated as such.


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