Music video shows off iPhone 13’s ‘Cinematic Mode’

Several music videos highlight the filmmaking capabilities of the iPhone 13, particularly its Cinematic mode. Jonathan Morrison recently partnered up with Ariel View and Julia Wolf to create music videos that show off the new handset’s camera in action.

The video, titled ‘Falling in Love’ follows Julia Wolf as she sings while strolling through Claremont streets. Cutscenes appear with Morrison filming the singer using an iPhone 13. Morrison also has a second video, which is a cover of ‘Shivers’ by Ed Sheeran.

Cinematic mode is a recently introduced feature for the iPhone 13. It simulates professional photography by putting the focus and depth of field effects on people, objects and pets and puts them in the foreground. After the video is shot, users can adjust the focus using video editing tools such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

Cinematic mode is currently restricted to 30fps 1080p resolution. Both music videos are available to view on Morrison’s official YouTube channel.

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