New developer tool allows for iPhone font change in iOS 16

An exploit in iOS 16 allows users to change their iPhone’s font with the help of a new tool.

Zhuowei Zhang recently released a tool that can change the smartphone’s font system-wide via a security loophole exploit in iOS 16. It was patched in iOS 16.2, which means those who have the updated version may no longer do it.

iOS 16

The iPhone font change tool is available to download on GitHub. It can change the iPhone font to one of several choices, including DejaVu San Mono, Fira Sans, and Comic Sans, among others. The change will affect the appearance system-wide, and it can be reverted back to the font standard Apple uses.

To check your current iPhone software, go to Settings, then General and About, where you will see your iOS version. Users are recommended to get the latest iOS update (which is currently 16.2) in order to fix security issues and avail of the software’s new features.