New Exploit Successfully Jailbreaks an iPhone X Running iOS 13.1.1

Last time we mentioned that an exploit, called ‘checkm8’ could potentially jailbreak iOS devices that have an A-series CPU to an A11 Bionic processor. Today, the creator of the exploit, Axi0mX has proudly announced that he was able to jailbreak an iPhone X running iOS 13.1.1 through a Twitter video.

For the uninitiated, the term ‘jailbreak’ means removing software restrictions in a iOS device, thereby unlocking the capacity to install apps that aren’t in the App Store. Moreover, the entire system is fair game to modifications and any changes the user might prefer.

The developer mentioned that it only took him a couple of seconds to successfully jailbreak the device. Interestingly enough, the nature of the exploit is such that Apple won’t be able to release software updates to get it patched.

The method is currently on semi-tethered, which means that the exploit has to be done with the iPhone connected to a computer on every restart.

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