New ‘Privacy on iPhone’ Ad Gets Released

Apple has shared its new ‘Privacy on iPhone’ video ad on the official Apple YouTube channel today to emphasize its stance on customer privacy.

The ad, which runs about a minute long, displays an aerial shot of a city, with homes, office buildings and others before focusing on an iPhone 11 Pro Max user. Voice-over talks about how important privacy is in an all-digital world.

New 'Privacy on iPhone' Ad Gets Released

The ad ends with the words ‘Privacy. That’s iPhone’. In the YouTube description, the Cupertino-based firm stresses how privacy should be straightforward and simple.

Apple has released privacy-centric videos before on its ‘Privacy on iPhone’ series, ranging from humorous to ones that have serious tones. The tech firm’s belief is that privacy should be considered a ‘fundamental human right’, and cements that stance by collecting as little customer data as possible.

Apple’s complete privacy policy can be found at the company’s privacy website.