New Shot on iPhone Short Video ‘Huracan Ramirez vs. La Pinata Enchilada’ released

Apple has uploaded a new ‘Shot on iPhone’ video on its official YouTube channel.

‘Huracan Ramirez vs. La Pinata Enchilada’ is thirteen minutes in length and features a cast of Mexican wrestlers going up against an evil pinata. According to the Little Black Book, the campaign film is meant to be a homage to the ‘Lucha Libre’ genre and Mexican sport. The video was shot on an iPhone 14 Pro by ‘Los Perez’, a team that consists of Adrin Perez and Tania Verduzco.

Shot on iPhone

The video was shot in Mexico and features key locations and the latest iPhone camera capabilities. Different scenes, including chase scenes, fight cinematics, and more were recorded through the smartphone.

The Little Black Book also held an interview, with the directors saying that shooting with the iPhone was ‘magical’, and that it required little to no other equipment. Alexis Zabe, photography director, said that the iPhone is a ‘very practical tool.’