New ‘Shot on iPhone’ video, ‘Fire & Ice’ appears online

Apple has released a new video on its official YouTube channel, titled ‘Experiments IV Fire & Ice‘. The 90-second video was captured using an iPhone 11 Pro, with a description that reads ‘extreme elements captured on camera’.

The audience is taken through several elemental changes involving snow, water and ice taken up close and far; then, fire appears as a flame, a firecracker and was used to melt the ice. Apple commissioned Incite for the project.

New 'Shot on iPhone' Video, 'Fire & Ice' Appears Online

The Cupertino-based company has also released a ‘behind the scenes’ supplemental video to Experiments IV Fire & Ice. The three and a half minute video shows how the makers were able to recreate various conditions for the shoot.

Previous ‘Shot on iPhone’ video series includes ‘Saudi Desert Riders’, ‘Snowbrawl’, ‘Lose You to Love Me’ by Selena Gomez and ASMR, among others.

The iPhone 11 Pro features ultra wide and telephoto lens and a Night Mode. It retails for $999.