New Shot on iPhone Video, ‘Snowbrawl’ Revealed

Apple has added a new video for its ‘Shot on iPhone’ series with a highlight of the iPhone 11 Pro’s photographic capabilities.

The video, titled ‘Snowbrawl’ features a snowball fight between two groups. Its tagline reads ‘Make holiday videos epic using the highest-quality video’ A companion video was also released to give the viewers a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes.

New Shot on iPhone Video, 'Snowbrawl' Revealed

The ‘Shot on iPhone’ series is made up of videos and photos that were taken with each new launch of an iPhone model. This time, it’s the iPhone 11 Pro that’s being featured.

The newest iPhone model has a triple-lens camera and a wide angle sensor. Users can get better landscape shots with the super wide angle lens and telephoto lens set on the smartphone’s rear.

The ‘Snowbrawl’ Shot on iPhone video lasts about a minute and a half long, with David Leitch as the director.