New SOS feature of iPhone 14 uses Qualcomm tech

Apple’s new iPhone uses the Qualcomm modem for its new Emergency SOS feature.

Reuters recently reported how Apple has tried to stay away from Qualcomm chips and produce its own, but it’s believed that the iPhone 14 sources the Qualcomm X65 for its Emergency SOS, among other components. In a first look video by iFixit, it was revealed that the Cupertino-based company has the X65 modem in tow, along with in-house components.

iPhone 14

Reuters details how the iPhone 14 has other significant tech, such as new software and custom radio frequency parts that communicate with the satellite, as per an Apple spokesperson. Qualcomm’s X65 is mostly used to provide 5G access to regular cell networks. Furthermore, the chip supports the n53 band for Globalstar satellites.

Apple’s relationship with Qualcomm is rocky, and recently had their disputes settled in 2019. However, Apple has been vocal about moving from the company and replacing modem components in-house.