New technology repairs OLED iPhone screens using laser

Repairing broken OLED screens may be fixed quickly using a laser in the future.

A YouTube video has surfaced, showing a new laser technology being able to address OLED screen issues. A user by the name of Strange Parts reveals the machine in action, mending broken traces or tiny pathways carrying electrical signals. It’s worth noting that the same technology is used in the manufacturing process of OLED screens.


This kind of emerging technology can save iPhone users time and money as it doesn’t involve disassembling the device. The machine can also conduct repairs even if the screen is active, allowing the operator to see if the problem has been fixed. Furthermore, it can apparently change the screen’s flexibility as needed. As for limitations, the machine is unable to fix surface issues on displays such as scratches and cracks, only working underneath the OLED panel that’s connected to the glass component.