Newest shot on iPhone video focuses on iPhone 12’s camera effects


Apple has recently uploaded a video entitled ‘Everyday Experiments: Full Bloom’ for its ‘Shot on iPhone’ series and highlights the iPhone 12’s capability to produce interesting shots in time lapse mode.


The video, which is 3 minutes long starts with floral patterns that slowly bloom at the introduction. Stop Motion, Slo-mo and Time Lapse were in full display, with chefs working on fruits, flowers and petals to produce colorful shots using the iPhone 12. Each iPhone photography aspect is divided into a minute each, and along the way the viewer is taken to a tutorial and a demonstration of how it’s done.

James Thornton and Donghoon Jun, the directors discussed in a voiceover how they wanted to achieve each shot. They’re the same ones who created the ‘Experiments’ videos, which features balloons and water shots.

Everyday Experiments- Full Bloom is available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel. It’s part of the long-running ‘shot on iPhone’ series.

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