Old photos online reveal 2007 iPhone production line

Photos of Apple’s old iPhone production line has recently surfaced online and allows the viewers a glimpse of assembling the first groundbreaking smartphone.

The original iPhone was released in 2007 and considered a technological leap for the smartphone industry and Apple. The hardware ultimately led to better practices over time, including expanded workforce and facilities.

The images circulating online show the work of assembling the mobile. It was titled ‘the iPhone factory’ and is believed to be located inside a Foxconn facility.


Other images show testing and quality assurance as iPhones were stacked on shelves and connected to wires, as well as personnel conducting final checks.

In 2017 Bob Burrough mentioned that Apple changed to a heirarchy-type company. 10 years ago, Burrough mentioned how Apple was thought to be the ‘wild west’ in terms of organization style as employees regularly worked outside their roles due to numerous projects springing up.

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