A professional photographer recounts his experience using an iPhone 14 Pro Max to shoot photos during the Super Bowl LVII in a Sports Illustrated interview.


Kevin Mazur, a pro photographer brought his iPhone 14 Pro Max along with his usual camera setup. He said that the smartphone was similar to ‘having a professional camera’ that’s readily accessible. ‘You can start shooting right away’, he added.

Mazur warned that before using the iPhone to record videos, it’s important to ‘learn the various settings’ and experiment with the one that gives the best results. He iterated that the right settings could mean the difference between a ‘good photo and a great photo.’

The photographer used an iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1TB of storage. Mazur mentioned in the interview that the fourth zoom in the iPhone 14 Pro, along with the 48MP sensor, serves as a nice option between 1x and 3x.


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