Prototype iPhone 2G photos show up on Twitter

Several images of the prototype iPhone 2G has surfaced on Twitter, which gives us a glimpse of the features that Apple was considering before the final product is made.

The trio of pictures exhibited the same phone design and size. The back of each prototype had stickers with information written on them, such as networking and cellular details. Furthermore, there’s the Apple logo but no capacity indicator or engraving.

The mute switch on the trio had minute differences in terms of position. The surface had a bell engraving to let the user know what the button was for.

iPhone 2G

An image revealed the device turned on and in diagnostics mode, which allowed users to try out core functions. Icons such as Rumble, Soundwave, Operator, Burn-In, AT Command and graphics to suggest how the device could be connected via USB cable to a computer was also displayed.

3 iPhone 2G devices

Just one week ago prototype images of the 1st gen iPod Touch surfaced, where it was revealed that the device would have the same black coating as the 2012 Mac Pro.

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