References to upcoming Apple iPhone Surface online


Many users have noticed references to Apple’s new iPhone on Verizon and a Chinese e-commerce website. 

iPhone Surface

MySmartPrice which is a tech blog earlier spotted the teaser image of a Smartphone. MySmartPrice spotted the image on the Chinese retailer website The website has a placeholder on its web page where it said:

“Apple iPhone 9 mobile phone comes standard with full Netcom.”

Based on circulating rumors, the website expects that Apple’s new low-cost phone will release soon. The website does not reveal any specifications. 

In a tweet by leaker Jon Presser, where he shared the image of the Verizon’s trade-in page, says. “Verizon slipped and mentioned the new “iPhone 9” on their trade-in page.”   

The release of Apple’s new low-cost phone is imminent. As there are no reports of the name iPhone 9, Apple will most likely refresh the iPhone SE. Apple SE was also a low-cost phone. There is no more detail or any information on the specs of the upcoming iPhone. There are only rumors that the device will have Apple A13 Chip, a 3GB RAM, and a 64 GB storage capacity. There have been many rumors of the iPhone launching in April, but Apple hasn’t commented on any of it. 

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