‘Knives Out’ director Rian Johnson has shared interesting details on how the iPhone may be shown in movies but not being used by the ‘bad guys’.

Rian Johnson Reveals 'Bad Guys' in Movies Aren't Allowed to Use iPhones

In a Vanity Fair interview, Johnson says that Apple product placement in mystery movies is such that villains may not show that they’re using iPhones on camera. In a way, if a person onscreen is shown to have an iPhone then it would mean that they’re not guilty.

Setting strict rules and policies on how its device is portrayed, photographed and used is a known Apple practice. As part of the Apple copyrights and trademark, the Cupertino-based company has written that Apple products may only be shown in the ‘best light’, or in context and manner that is favorable for Apple.

Looking back, there have been shows and movies where the ‘good guys’ only use Apple products, including a fan theory on the hit series ’24’.


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