Rodolfo Castro’s iPhone makes a game appearance

MLB player Rodolfo Castro from the Pittsburgh Pirates had his iPhone slide out of his pocket in a game.

On August 9 and against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Castro was about to slide to third base when his iPhone went out of his pocket. Later on, Castro told reporters that the event was a ‘terrible mistake’, and that the whole thing was unintentional. He also mentioned that professional ballplayers won’t go out on the field and take a cellphone.


The MLB has had problems with the Arizona Diamondbacks using technology. In 2015, the league approved the use of the Apple Watch but then fined the team in 2017 for doing the same thing. The resulting investigation proved that the Diamondbacks have not used the smartwatch to cheat, but they were made to pay anyway.

It’s not known whether the MLB will discipline Castro or the team or not for the incident.