Apple’s latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ advertising features shots taken on the latest iPhone model and comes from people from all over the world.

iPhone 12 Features

Apple mentioned how photographers are using iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 to capture people, landscapes, cityscapes and more day or night.

An image taken of a guy on the iPhone 12

The Cupertino-based company displays striking images with minimal detail, e.g., user credit and the location where the shot was taken. However, there wasn’t any explanation as to how the shot was taken and the settings that went before it was captured.

An image taken of a girl on the iPhone 12

Apple says computational photography was the engine behind the shots, specifically how ‘Smart HD3 uses machine learning to intelligently adjust saturation, texture, contrast and white balance to make for natural-looking images.

Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads have been running since 2015 and began with the iPhone 6. Previous ads include awards for long form video and night mode photography.


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