Snowboarder Uses iPhone emergency SOS to escape deadly situation


A snowboarder recently used his iPhone’s Emergency SOS feature to get rescued after falling into a crevasse.

Snowboarder Uses iPhone Emergency SOS

Tim Blakey went on a snowboarding run near Zermatt in Switzerland but then encountered an unexpected situation- he fell into a crevasse that was hidden in the snow and was trapped. With limited mobility, Blakey was able to bring out his iPhone and saw that it only carried a 3 percent charge.

The snowboarding enthusiast then remembered that his iPhone had the Emergency SOS feature, which he promptly used. Rescuers arrived and pulled Blakey out, saving him from a dangerous situation.

Tim went on social media platform Instagram to share what happened. He mentioned that he’s still ‘clueless’ as to how he could repay the rescuers for saving his life. In the same post, the snowboarder thanked Apple for its ‘side button 5 click to emergency services’ and his mobile carrier for the 3G connection below the ice.

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