Special iPhone 12 Pro Case with Apple I fragment sells for $10,000


A new custom-made iPhone 12 Pro case has been created by Caviar and features an original Apple I circuitry fragment.

iPhone 12 Pro Case

Caviar is a Russian-based company famous for making expensive iPhone cases. Their latest product is a homage to the Apple I, which was Apple’s very first computer.

The back panel of the case features several things- a mini monitor that’s made up of titanium, keyboard buttons that spell out the word ‘computer’, and below it a piece of circuitry from an original Apple I computer.

Apple I computers are a rarity and often fetch $400,000 or more at auctions. One of the 63 still available have been cut up to make the Caviar Apple I iPhone 12 Pro case.

The case will be sold for $10,000 and only 9 copies will be made. For owners of the iPhone 12 Pro Max a similar case will be offered. Base configurations start at $9,990.

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