According to the latest reports by the New York Post, many NYC retailers are running out of iPhone 11 models.

Supply of iPhone 11 is Starting to Get Low in New York

Many retail store employees told that they are running out of stock on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models. Also, the report says that the retailers at numerous locations around Manhattan have no idea when the shipment will get back to normal.

One Verizon employee of an Upper Eastside store said, “We don’t have an ETA on any of the shipments, and It’s a Verizon-wide issue.” Another employee at Verizon’s Upper West Side store said: “We got a shipment, and it didn’t have any iPhones in it, it was just flip phones and Samsungs.”

Another worker of the Upper East Side AT&T store said that the stock had been out for “at least a couple of weeks,” he also added, “there’s no telling when the store’s next shipment will be.”

The employees at AT&T told the NY Post that this shortage of supply is due to the coronavirus. It is the reason Apple’s Chinese factories stopped working. The same employee also said that the less amount of iPhones is also because stores keeping the iPhone 11 models at the warehouses and not in the retail stores.   

Thee production in China is picking up the speed, and however, still, Apple was feeling the effect of the prolonged shutdown of its factories last month.


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