Tesla App on iOS will have Two-Factor authentication


The Tesla app on the iPhone will have a security feature in the form of two-factor authentication in the near future.

Tesla App on iOS

Elon Musk, company chief has confirmed the news recently, and apologized for the addition being ’embarrassingly late’. Musk further mentioned that the new feature is undergoing final testing, though it remains unclear on whether he was referring to the app or the company process.


The Tesla mobile app gives Tesla electric car owners a level of control and information, including seeing the automobile’s charge level, finding its location, changing the car’s climate and media being played, among others. Advanced functions, such as locking and unlocking, flashing the lights and even getting their vehicles out a parking space are also available.

The new feature should prevent unauthorized hijacking via stolen passwords, which could lead to a stolen vehicle. A definite release date is still not stated but we can expect updates to arrive in the upcoming months.

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