Under-Display iPhone Face ID won’t appear until 2025 or later

Under-Display Face ID won’t likely become a reality until 2025 or later due to technical issues.

Rumors have been circulating that Apple will soon adopt a hidden biometric technology for its Face ID feature. Traditionally, the Cupertino-based company has always used a visible notch to detect facial features. In a recent tweet, analyst Ross Young says that consumers aren’t likely to see it in action until at least the iPhone 17 Pro.

iPhone Face ID

With an under panel Face ID, the whole screen of the iPhone could be free of notches. Once this happens, the 8-year lifespan of the notch could finally come to an end. If Apple manages to have this technology, it could also mean the end of the notch for its other Apple products, including the MacBook Pro.

It’s believed however, that technical problems have pushed back the feature until the year 2025, or the expected launch of the iPhone 17 lineup.