‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ Fix on iPhone 13 arriving soon

iPhone 13 users may encounter an issue with their ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ function not working on their smartphones. Apple responds with a promise of a software patch ‘soon’ to fix this problem.

A recent support document shows that the issue is limited to just the iPhone 13 models. In the document, Apple says that Unlock with Apple Watch may not work, and that users might see a message that says ‘Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch’ while setting up the function or while trying to unlock with a face mask.

Posts on social media and Apple Support forums alerted Apple to the situation, with people saying that Unlock with Apple Watch doesn’t work even when updating both watchOS and iOS, disabling passcodes, unpairing and pairing them, and hard resetting both devices.

Unlock with Apple Watch continues to work on older devices, including the iPhone X and iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

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