Unlocked iPhone used by son to order 31 cheeseburgers


A 2-year old boy in Texas used his mother’s unattended iPhone to order 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers via DoorDash.

Unlocked iPhone Used by Son

Kelsey Golden shared the story on social media, with a photo of her son and the cheeseburgers. The woman said that her toddler apparently knew how to order food on DoorDash, and that she joked that she has free cheeseburgers for anyone who wants them.

Facebook users also commented and shared their own random purchase stories made by their children, which included a league pass subscription and three iPhones, among others.

The Texas mother could have easily avoided the unwanted purchases by securing her iPhone. Apple has introduced a plethora of features to prevent unauthorized access and have the iPhone owner deal with surprise purchases.

Parental controls on iPad and iPhone are recommendations, as well as making the default payment method on apps set to Apple Pay to force the buyer to verify via Face ID.

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