Unreleased iPhone X prototype in jet black color revealed online


Leaked photos of a prototype iPhone X with a ‘jet black’ finish has surfaced on Twitter, posted by Mr. White.

iPhone X

In the image, the unreleased iPhone X model is shown alongside the space grey version, which made the final cut. Other than the smartphone there’s no other identifier or details that show the iPhone is in the prototype development.

The iPhone X was released with two color options- silver and gray. Apple planned to have a gold color released but it was scrapped along the way.

The first iPhone to have the ‘jet black’ finish was the iPhone 7. However, the model was plagued by durability issues, particularly micro-abrasions. The Cupertino-based company said that although its surface is as hard as an anodized product the high shine makes it susceptible to fine scratches.

It’s believed that the jet black finish on the iPhone X was never brought to fruition due to severe supply constraints and durability concerns.

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