Working iPhone rescued after 10 months in a river

The BBC reported that a UK man was reunited with his iPhone after losing it 10 months prior in a river.

Owain Davies was canoeing in the River Wye near Gloucestershire in August last year and promptly dropped his iPhone. Several months later, a Gloucestershire native, Miguel Pacheco, discovered the iPhone in June while he was shooting the rapids. He fished the smartphone out of the water, dried it and posted photos online to try and give it back to the rightful owner.

iPhone Rescued

Pacheco mentioned that he thought the iPhone was destroyed as it was full of water. However, he still dried it out as the device may have sentimental data. Pacheco used an air compressor and left the phone in a cupboard, then charged the device and tried turning it on. The phone turned on and was eventually handed over to Davies.

Newer iPhone models have greater water-resistance capabilities and have a higher chance to survive being submerged in rivers and lakes.