MKBHD, popular YouTuber has shared a review of the Caviar Solarius Zenith iPhone 11 Pro, which is the world’s most expensive iPhone.

most expensive iPhone

The Caviar Solarius Zenith iPhone costs up to $120,000 and has luxury features such as a case made of 24-carat gold, 137 diamond accents and a functioning watch at the back. The company who made it, Caviar, is giving away a custom AirPods Pro and hand-delivers the product straight to the buyer’s doorstep.

World’s most expensive iPhone

In the review video, MKBHD likens the Solarius Zenith to other luxury items such as Kevin O’Leary’s $80K timepiece and the first-gen Apple Watch made with 18K gold. Furthermore, he says that with these luxury products, it’s not really the functionality but rather the exquisite detail and craftsmanship that generates interest.

A regular iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999, while the iPhone Pro Max costs a hundred dollars more. The cheapest of the iPhone 11 lineup is the iPhone 11 at $699.


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