You can now buy unlocked iPhones with Apple Card installments

iPhones without locked-in SIM cards are now available to buy using interest-free financing options. All you need to do is buy the model using your Apple Card and the total price is staggered for 24 months.

iPhones with Apple Card installments

The Apple Card payment will ask you if you want to pay monthly with zero percent interest or a one-time payment. You get to keep your rate plan and carrier. The amount will be added to your minimum payment each month, which will be shown in your bill statement.

iPhones with Apple Card installments

iPhone financing has already been offered before via the iPhone Upgrade Program, but going the Apple Card route will give you several benefits such as no late fees and having better management thru the Wallet app. You also get 3% daily cash with the iPhone purchase.

Monthly installment for the Apple Card platform are available at, the Apple Store app or at Apple Stores.

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