YouTube video reveals always-on display battery drain on iPhone 14 Pro

A YouTube video recently revealed how much strain the always-on display can have on an iPhone 14 Pro’s battery.

PhoneBuff uploaded a YouTube video testing the always-on display with the wallpaper on and off. With the wallpaper disabled, the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery drained at .6 percent per hour, while the drain was .8 percent per hour with the wallpaper enabled. PhoneBuff also compared the drain on the iPhone 14 Pro alongside a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in the video. It was found that both devices exhibited the same drain.

iPhone 14 Pro

Before iOS 16.2, iPhone 14 Pro users could not customize always-on aspects, such as displaying notifications on Lock and wallpapers. A disabled wallpaper makes the display fully dark except for the date, clock, and any widgets set on the lock screen. Notifications are visible if allowed to show as well.

The full video is available to watch on PhoneBuff’s official YouTube channel.