YouTube Video Tests iPhone 11 Pro’s Durability

Want to find out how the iPhone 11’s back glass panel has improved, but don’t want to try it on your new shiny iPhone 11 Pro?

There’s a YouTube video for that. The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has released footage of how the iPhone 11 Pro holds up against everyday punishment.

The result? The YouTube personality says that the Pro model has more durable edges, thanks to the stainless steel over aluminum, and the matte finish on the back glass lend it some extra toughness. Moreover, although the triple camera system on the back is coated with a scratch-resistant material, it isn’t immune to cracks and possible shatter scenarios when the device is dropped.

In the video’s fire test, the iPhone 11 Pro withstood direct flames for up to a minute without any noticeable damage. As for the bend test, there’s virtually no flex involved when he tried to bend the device.

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