Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 series last year at the October ‘Special Event’. Along with new phones, the company also introduced a new wireless charging technology for the iPhone – MagSafe. The branding is technically old, it was previously used with MacBooks but the implementation on the iPhone is somewhat different.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Power Pack by Charge Fast released at $55

MagSafe brings wireless magnetic charging to the iPhone. The company has created a puck which latches onto the back of the iPhone to charge. It can charge the iPhone 12 models at a maximum of 15W. But the technology is not just used for charging via a cable, it also introduces the capability of using third-party MagSafe compatible power banks. 

MagSafe accessories continue to increase

The company Charge Fast is now bringing its new MagSafe charging power bank to the iPhone. The new product named Charge Fast MagSafe Power Pack Air charges the iPhone 12 at a maximum of 10W. The charging speeds are not fantastic but they are decent enough for a power bank.

For comparison, wired charging through the Lightning port can charge an iPhone 12 model at 20W. On the other hand, MagSafe charger can charge an iPhone 12 model at 15W. The power bank/pack from Charge Fast can charge at 10W at the maximum which is not technically bad when on the go.

iPhone 12 MagSafe
iPhone 12 MagSafe

Apple has not released any portable power banks yet. While most people prefer to buy accessories made from Apple because of the ecosystem, there are some who prefer to rely on third-party Made For iPhone (MFi) accessories. But if somebody is looking for a portable MagSafe power pack for their iPhone 12, they will have to resort to buying a third-party pack, at least for now.

Charge Fast MagSafe Power Pack charges via USB-C. It can be used with a wired portable power pack as well without an output of 22W which is decently fast. It is now available for purchase at $54.99 (USD).


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