iPhones Manufactured in India Are Making Their Way Across Europe


The Economic Times reports that Apple iPhones that were made in India are being exported to a few countries in Europe.

iPhone 6s

The Cupertino-based company begun setting up manufacturing in the continent for price competitive reasons and for avoiding import taxes. The move from local to export point to a sign that India will be a base for manufacturing iPhones, though the size is still too low.

Analyst reports say that less than 100,000 iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 units are being exported from India. Considering the fact that millions of iPhones are being sold weekly, the figures are diminutive in comparison.

Apple is setting it’s sights on supply chain diversification in order to avoid the US-China trade war. In June, it was reported that Apple was looking to restructure and move 15 to 30 percent of production outside China in the upcoming years. There were also rumors of Apple asking its partners to produce the newest iPhone 11 in India, which will become a first if realized.


Samantha Wiley

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