iOS 14 Shortcuts has a ‘Music Quiz’ game you can play

iPod with Click Wheel owners will experience a wave of nostalgia when they go on Shortcuts app in iOS 14. A mini game called Music Quiz can be accessed and works just like its classic predecessor.

Music Quiz will play random songs and give you five options in 5 rounds. The game works only via the Music app and will take only songs bought on iTunes, from Apple Music or synced from your computer.

For iPad and iPhone owners running iPadOS 14 or iOS 14, all you need is to access Shortcuts, get to My Shortcuts and search for ‘Music Quiz’. Tap the icon and set ‘allow’ when asked if it can access your library.

Initially, you can play five rounds. Afterwards, you can choose to get a higher score by continuing or sharing the results on social media. ‘Music Quiz’ is built entirely on Apple Shortcuts, and experts can modify or edit some aspects to their liking.

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