iPod Shuffle used as hair clip in TikTok video

A new TikTok video went viral when a ‘vintage’ iPod Shuffle was mistaken for a hair clip.

TikTok user @freckenbats went on the social media platform and asked her audience what the ‘vintage’ device she discovered was. In the next scene she was seen wearing the iPod Shuffle as a hair clip and admiring her reflection on her phone.


The video had a Britney Spears song cover and went on to garner 2 million-plus views, with various comments and likes on her find.

The iPod Shuffle was put to pasture by Apple in 2017. Incidentally, TikTok was launched in 2018 and quickly gained prominence among the young crowd.

Celeste Tice mentioned in a Newsweek interview that the iPod Shuffle belonged to her, and discovering it years later proved to be nostalgic. She said she probably used it during middle school and had a listen to the music that was stored in the device.